Walsall Civic Society

Passion for places.  Civic pride.  The drive to form a Walsall Civic Society reflects what lies at the heart of these phrases.  Towns are nothing without people.  Culture, history, heritage, proud traditions, and achievements hard won over time form the bedrock upon which any town is built, in turn forming a foundation for the hopes, dreams aspirations and ambitions for the future of local people.  All these come together when people with a passion for their home town care enough to make a commitment and contribution to nurturing civic pride.

This commitment may be to acting as guardians and supporters of traditions, historic buildings or valued open spaces.  It may be to acting as vocal and caring commentators on architectural, planning, and development matters.  It may also involve sharing their particular passion and interest with others, perhaps as a club or society, and by so doing, supporting the place and the environment in which they live and work.
The Metropolitan Borough of Walsall is an ancient place, today comprising several towns and villages each with their own distinct character and varied environment. It is not a small place – similar in size to the City of Wolverhampton, it sits in the heart of the Black Country and proudly lays claim to a host of historic trades and traditions, and a heritage which goes back more than a thousand years.  The people of the Borough have much to be proud of and much to share with others.

Walsall is changing, evolving and developing, as it has always done.  However the future is planned and shaped it will ultimately be the people, their activities and commitment, their commerce and enterprise, their passions, needs and many interests that determine the quality of life in the town.

Walsall Civic Society, newly-formed with its roots in the past yet looking to the future, offers a platform for all with a stake in the Borough, whether individuals or groups, townspeople, villagers, or businesspeople, to declare their commitment and support for not only highlighting and preserving the best of Walsall’s past but also for preserving and enhancing our quality of life in years to come.

The more the Borough evolves and progresses in its aim to continue to be a key centre within the Black Country and the West Midlands, the greater the need for a ‘people’s voice’, and for a unifying platform to bring together all those passionate groups, organisations and individuals who already champion their own places within the Borough.  Walsall Civic Society can offer that voice, and that unifying platform.  The call is to raise the profile of the Borough as a whole by working together and supporting each other.  It is expected that a series of events will enable local people to come together and acknowledge, as a common bond, our collective pride and passion, our care and commitment for the place that is our home.

To that end, the formal launch of Walsall Civic Society took place on Tuesday, 14th June 2005 at 7.30pm, supported by noted local historian and author, Ann French.  The Inaugural Meeting was held at The Crossing at St. Paul’s, Darwall Street, Walsall, and was well supported.  You are most welcome to join.  For membership details, please telephone 01922 726114, or DOWNLOAD our information leaflet in pdf form from the following link:

WCS Information Leaflet

If you do not already have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, it may be obtained via the following link:

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Walsall Civic Society


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